Martin Blapp wrote:
> If you don't beleave it or not. I've taken out again (I've already
> switched them once) one bank of 512M ram and since then I've not
> had any panics anymore.
> Can a ram error occur after a system has been fine one month ?


This is the TLB problem we all keep talking about.  Bosko had
some code that might have worked around the problem (as opposed
to fixing it).  Ask if he'll send you the patches (you must be
running -current).

I just got the most recent IA-32 manuals from Intel in the mail,
and they still don't seem to be aware of the issue.

Without actually recreating a copy of the GPD (it's just 8K,
anyway), you really can't fix the problem; you have to do strange
things to CR3 and CR4 to fix it, since there is a chicken-and-egg
problem once you are in protected mode.

-- Terry

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