On 18 Sep, Doug White wrote:
> On Wed, 18 Sep 2002, Don Lewis wrote:
>> I needed to configure my -current box to use a serial console so that I
>> could get to ddb while the system was running the X11 server on the main
>> console, so I hooked up the serial cable and rebooted with the -h option
>> in boot.config.  After I did this, I noticed that the green_saver kld
>> would no longer blank the screen after a period of inactivity if the
>> main console is in text mode and the X11 server isn't running.
> Thats because the screensaver attaches to the console, not ttyv0, and
> screensavers only work on VGA consoles. When you -h it to serial, the kld
> won't load.

Hmn, it sounds like it might be better if vidcontrol could be used to
attach the screensaver since vidcontrol is also used to set the
blanktime.  One could even envision different screen savers on different
virtual terminals ...

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