I have a patch available at
http://www.chesapeake.net/~jroberson/vfssmp.diff that locks the majority
of the vnode fields.  The namecache locking has been omitted from this
patch.  The locking has been specified in vnode.h and all interlock,
syncer, and vn lock usage has been verified.  Any places that are unlocked
now should be marked with mp_fixme's.  

This patch touches every filesystem.  I have tested with several but I
would appreciate more extensive testing especially if you use one of the
lesser used filesystems (ie non ufs).  Please test with WITNESS and
DEBUG_VFS_LOCKS enabled.  If you find that it drops into the debugger
please get a back trace and then do the following:

w vfs_badlock_panic 0
w vfs_badlock_print 0
w vfs_badlock_mutex 0

Currently I know that sendfile() and the UFS snapshot code fail

There are many diffs that just switch from explicit mtx ops to using the
new VI_*LOCK macros.  I did this only in places where I actually reviewed
the code.  The remaining direct v_interlock accesses serve as indicators
of behavior that needs to be further verified.  I also have not verified
usage of the mntvnode mtx or the freelist mutex etc.  There may be racees
there.  I did, however, fixup the broken vflush() mntvnode race.

Once this has been commited I will be free to lock the rest of the vnode
and then move on to other filesystem related datastructures.  My goal is
to have the high level VFS and at least some filesystems SMP safe for 5.0.

Any feedback is welcome.


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