I'm trying to understand why when accessing file to cdrom their
contents change every time (in case of big file, at least).
I usally backup some stuff (mail, sources, scanned images) and
add to cdrom a files.md5 with the md5 keys of all files.
(yes, I'm a bit paranoid  :-)

With my last system (-CURRENT of May 8, 2002) all works fine but
after a recent build with an old date [1]  (see my thread about
make world from pre-gcc_3.1 to last -CURRENT post-gcc_3.2) seems
that all file are damaged.  Because I tryed a lot of old backup
(10 cd-r) and all fails md5 check I tryed with 'another' OS  ;)

And (obviuosly?) all contents are correct.  And now the question:
what changed in ata-driver from May 8 to Aug 15?  Is a know issue?
Can I enable/disable some new feature of ata to recheck files?

Probably I need some new world, but after recent post of various
kernel panic I prefer to remain with my old system.  Anyway, is
some date from Aug 15 to today usable to step a bit forward?


[1]  (I used this: *default date=2002.

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