On Thu, 19 Sep 2002, Terry Lambert wrote:

> Bruce Evans wrote:
> > Unfortunately, we didn't get expansion of the i386 mcontext_t to make
> > room for SSE, into 4.0, and the problem has been mostly ignored since
> > then.  Looks like it is a large problem.
> Any chance of avoiding this in the future by adding an "extensible,
> but known to be suboptimal if used" extension field, so that these
> kind of changes can be made without having to change anything
> important to the point of incompatability?
> That type of thing would let the problem be fixed in an ugly way,
> but at least it would be fixed, without balancing things on a
> knife's edge of incompatability vs. non-working code.

That's kind of the point of adding the fields that we did
(mc_len, mc_fpformat).  They can be used to help validate
the contents and to allow extensions.  We also have some
spare slots, but the last incarnation of ucontext_t also
had spare slots and it wasn't nearly enough for what we
now need.

Dan Eischen

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