On Wed, 9 Oct 2002, Alex Zepeda wrote:

> I'm quite suprised how this managed to avoid detection for so long
> (webcvs.kde.org indicated that the last commit to this branch was > 12
> months ago).  It's that whole feeling of fixing the same problems over and
> over again.

Most likely this is a problem that was uncovered by some change in our
headers. I've seen a lot of commits come down the pipes removing
"unneeded" includes from one header or another... Which of course is the
correct thing to do and it encourages better coding practices to make
people put headers in the right order.

> Admittedly I run development versions of both FreeBSD and KDE, and the
> kde-freebsd team uses stable overwhelmingly so the combination doesn't
> receive the testing that others do.

Last I checked, Will was at the very least testing each release on
-current. KDE is such a big package I can't imagine it being very popular
with testers, although with the new GCC snapshot imported I will probably
rebuilt it.

Would it be possible to modify the bento cluster to have another slice
with the minimal -current install, and (using boot0cfg, or modifying a
GRUB boot menu) reboot into -current for an automated package build? Or
maybe this is already done.

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