On Sat, 19 Oct 2002, Juli Mallett wrote:

> Note that during these, mp3s keep playing, gtk-gnutella keeps downloading
> things, etc., it seems X just isn't updating the display...  Even a resize
> of a sizable gtk frame I did while it was frozen took affect when it
> unfroze...  Have you tried loggign into a system during such a freeze to
> see if it's sleeping or such?  I would, except ENOSPAREBOX and if I try
> to switch to a console the screen getsd this black-and-green wooshy colour and
> then it sticks there.

I have... The XFree86 process was runing wildly. Was able to kill it and
regain the system. Did not think to gdb anything.. Truss coredumps trying
to attach to it.

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