Terry Lambert asked:

Any chance we could get rid of all externally visable symbols that
are not defined as being there by some standard, and not just __sF,
since we are breaking the FORTRAN compiler and other third party
code already?
This cannot be entirely done if you still want to
manage library bloat.  In short, library routines
have shared interfaces between them---common variables
or common functions---that are internal to the library
and should not be used by applications.

To avoid this, you would have to bundle library functions
together, which causes bloat.  Worse, you would have to
avoid or drastically limit your use of macros.  (Any
macro that uses one of these internal symbols generates
a dependency in the compiled application.)

It _would_ be a good idea to document any internal library
symbols used by macros.  Removing such symbols is a
good way to break existing compiled applications.

Library design involves a lot of tradeoffs.

Tim Kientzle

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