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> > I haven't been able to complete a full buildworld with an SMP on a
> > Abit BP6  (bi-celeron) board for two weeks (the kernel config is just
> > a full GENERIC  with SMP and APICIO options enabled).
> I also am running a BP6.  IS ANYONE successfully running an ABIT
> BP6 motherboard on a SMP kernel with -current?
> What BIOS version are running?  I'm one version behind I think,
> so I'm going to upgrade and see if that makes any difference.

	Yes, I am. The BIOS is the latest -RU revision (if I remembered
correctly) with custom patch (original HPT366 part of BIOS replaced by
version 1.28-beta) - but I think this patch has no effecto to FreeBSD.

	No ACPI is enabled in BIOS configuration, KERNEL is custom.

	The -current environment isn't used for any work, just for periodic
cvsup && makeworld installworld

	The SMP kernels are unable to run several weeks due a problem with
Giant lock, but it is working now. The only current -current's problem
known to me is that linc is broken when compilled with -O3 as some
pthread stubs functions is optimized-out from resulting library (e.g.
you can't sucessfully link other programs, also dynamically linked
binaries doesn't load and run due unresolved symbols).

> > Even make -j1 buildworld with the SMP kernel ends with a complete
> > freeze of  the machine (the kernel does not go to a panic where I
> > could try a backtrace)
> Exactly!  Hard Lock, no panic, no keyboard, no choices other than =
> reset.

	My BP6 did it with no problem.


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