I'm running a recently (as in today) cvsup'd current box.  Today I compiled
phoenix 0.4.  Oddly enough it would say "Connection refused" to any URL.
Looking at truss/tcpdump I realized it was ALWAYS trying to connect to
an ipv6 address, for any site.  I searched around google and found this


"sys/netinet6/in6_pcb.h is missing a #include "opt_inet.h"
and so gets compiled with INET undefined.
in6_pcbconnect() then returns EADDRNOTAVAIL for IPv4 addresses."

To get Phoenix to work I had to setup a web proxy that listened on my ipv6
local interface (::1).  After doing this and plugging that into the proxy
settings it started working!

Any ideas on how to fix this for real?


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