* Kris Kennaway <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [021118 11:06] wrote:
> I've just turned witness back on on the bento cluster, and got the
> following lock order reversals a number of times overnight:
> Nov 18 07:45:40 <user.crit> gohan11 kernel: 1st 0xc6887200 pipe mutex (pipe mutex) @ 
> Nov 18 07:45:40 <user.crit> gohan11 kernel: 2nd 0xc0447780 sigio lock (sigio lock) @ 
> Nov 18 10:28:47 <user.crit> gohan10 kernel: 1st 0xc4941580 pipe mutex (pipe mutex) @ 
> [...]
> Are these known problems?

Well now they are, I will investigate as time permits.

I'm still in a holding pattern about adding more debugging info to
lockd now that we're in release candidate mode.  I may ask for a
branch to be done, but i'm not sure yet.

thank you,
-Alfred Perlstein [[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
'Instead of asking why a piece of software is using "1970s technology,"
 start asking why software is ignoring 30 years of accumulated wisdom.'

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