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> > In pre-geom days we had a "realhack" (TM) that would fiddle the 
> > label if you read it direct from the disk. In other words 
> > it "fixed"  it to always look (ummmm relative I think) even  if you
> > read it from the raw disk, even if it was in absolute form on the disk.
> > 
> > Geom (quite correctly) declared this to be a "gross hack" that it would
> > not perpetuate. As a result, when you read the raw label you see the
> > "uncorrected version". It's possible that disklabel itself
> > should be extended to figure out  if the label is absolute of relative
> > and DTRT.
> Ok, seems not to be over my head. It's confusing to users, that's
> the only thing I have to say now. Thank you for explanation.0

Geom has some hacks to cope with this..
in geom_bsd.c:

 * For reasons which were valid and just in their days, FreeBSD/i386 uses
 * absolute disk-addresses in disklabels.  The way it works is that the
 * p_offset field of all partitions have the first sector number of the
 * disk slice added to them.  This was hidden kernel-magic, userland did
 * not see these offsets.  These two functions subtract and add them
 * while converting from the "ondisk" to the "inram" labels and vice
 * versa.
static void
ondisk2inram(struct g_bsd_softc *sc)

however I have not (so far) seen any code to intercept direct reads

also there is a posibility (I have not checked enough yet) that 
MAYBE teh ondisk2inram should modify the device size as well.
It currently modifies just the partition starts.

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