On Wed, 20 Nov 2002, John Baldwin wrote:

> Erm.  Did you manage to look at dmesg then?  If so, you would have seen
> warnings from WITNESS earlier about the locks messing up.  If you can
> reproduce this and are letting it sit unattended, a better plan might be
> to turn on witness_ddb (it's a kernel option, loader tunable, and sysctl
> (debug.witness_ddb)) and then when the original error occurs it will
> drop into the debugger with a very useful error message.  You can also
> get a useful trace at that point from ddb. 

Word of warning though: either use a serial console, or don't run X,
because you'll want to be able to see the debugger, and you probably won't
get much warning when it's about to drop in.

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