On Fri, 22 Nov 2002, Brad Knowles wrote:

> At 5:23 PM -0500 2002/11/21, Robert Watson wrote:
> >  (And, you have to bring your own test environment, as the second sentence
> >  suggests, but doesn't actually state).
>       Over on -chat, we're in the process of putting together a list
> of volunteers, hardware, organizational talent, etc... to help test out
> -DP2.  Mark Murray is involved, but I personally would like to see at
> least one or two more core team members committed to making this happen. 
>       If we can get a suitable group of people together, with suitable
> hardware, and get the coordination effort done correctly, I believe that
> we can help make this a much more successful project.
>       Your assistance in this effort would be greatly appreciated. 

I appreciate the effort, and am interested in the idea, but in this case
it was as much a solicitation for a developer as for the testing
environment itself.  This won't just be "testing" of netncp and nwfs, this
will probably require a developer to have local access to a netware
configuration that they can do nasty things to in order to exercise the
code properly.  Unfortunately, those seem to be in short supply.

If I might suggest: there's a freebsd-qa mailing list.  It's a great place
to organize QA efforts, whereas freebsd-chat is notorious for its lack of
signal (it's where dead signals go to rot).  That's why I read it about
once a month.  If you moving the conversation there and get a bunch of
people subscribed and interested, they'll be able to look there for the
stream of bug fixes associated with the install process, and get easy
access to the testing guide as it evolves, since we usually pass drafts
through there, etc.

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