On Fri, 22 Nov 2002, walt wrote:

> I noticed David Xu's changes to libpthread this morning, so I did a
> "make libraries" and noticed with surprise that libpthread.so.5 was
> still dated Sep 16. 
> I then did 'cd /usr/src/lib' and a 'make' and noticed that libpthread
> did not show up during the make. 
> At that point I looked at /usr/src/lib/Makefile and noticed that
> libpthread is not mentioned there at all. 
> Then I 'cd /usr/src/lib/libpthread' and 'make' and everything recompiled
> in my /usr/src tree, not my /usr/obj tree. 
> So, am I screwed up somehow, or is this expected behavior? 

This is expected behavior -- libpthread is currently disconnected from the
build.  I'd actually like to see it connected to the build, with an
appropriate "WARNING: DRAGONS INCLUDED" man page also hooked up to
discourage accidental use.  At least, assuming David Xu, Jon Mini, etc,
are ready for the resulting bug reports they'll get. 

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