On Wed, 27 Nov 2002, Bruce Evans wrote:

> On Tue, 26 Nov 2002, Robert Watson wrote:
> > tunefs changes the flag for the next mount, so doesn't take immediate
> > effect.  Once you've tunefs'd a read-only file system, you need to unmount
> > and remount it -- for the file system root, this generally means
> > rebooting.  Just to confirm: you're running with GENERIC, or with a kernel
> Er, what is the mount(..., MNT_RELOAD ...) in tunefs for then? 
> Unmounting and remounting should not be necessary for any read-only file
> system including "/".  You can do the MNT_RELOAD from the command line
> using mount -u if tunefs doesn't do it. 
> I have some old fixes for tunefs which fix missing remounts as a side
> effect.  In -current, tunefs only detects mounted filesystems if they
> are in fstab.  It clobbers read-write mounted filesystems and fails to
> remount read-only mounted file systems if they are not detected.

The problem is that some flags can't be changed via MNT_RELOAD and require
a from-scratch mount.  I'm hoping that with nmount(), we can get a little
more expressive regarding what changes are (and aren't) allowed to flags.
Right now there's some uncomfortable masking.

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