Yesterday morning I was having some trouble with XFree consuming much more
cpu time than necessary... A truss showed that some kind of shared memory
issue going on, but also froze my system hard. After rebooting (kernel was
from Nov 26 or 27) fsck could not check my one dirty UFS2 partition. Had
to newfs and mtree to recreate /var. No big deal, and I saved an image of
it beforehand.

After rebooting, there was... NOTHING. GRUB errored out and wouldn't boot.
Nothing could see my partitions. After a minimal 4.7-R install (DP2
disklabel whined about offsets and some other STRANGE error messages,
so I went with 4.7) on a small fat32 partition, I discovered that the
disklabel was empty. Had to edit it by hand... Booted up fine, made
a backup, rebooted, and nothing. Not only was there NOTHING, but the
disklabel on the new 4.7 install had vanished as well. This time the
disklabel had to be recreated with -w -r AND the boot blocks had to be

I've seen one post similar to this, but not much else. I think maybe the
UFS2 problem had to do with Kirk's recent changes, but the disklabel
issue... I'm wary to reboot my machine! What in the hell could be causing
this? I'm tempted to point the finger at GEOM, but hate to say anything
like that.


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