* "Petr Holub" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [Sun, 1 Dec 2002 16:38:26 +0100]:

> > Have you tried the update submitted in PR ports 43484? I didn't tested it
> > on CURRENT yet (due to lack of Kerberos on my CURRENT box).
> The seems to just to upgrade to 0.36.9. I tried to compile both 0.35.9
> and 0.36.10 with the same result. :-( I didn't use patches patch-ac and patch-ad
> from port tree since they seem to fail on both 0.35.9 and 0.35.10...
> Petr

Hm google found some patches here,


They are nearly a year old, but maybe they still apply?
Have you tried them?

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