Brad Knowles writes:
 > At 3:32 PM -0700 2002/12/02, Cliff L. Biffle wrote:
 > >  One thing I've used in the past that improves Realtek throughput is forcing
 > >  the media type and duplex setting on both ends of the connection.  Autodetect
 > >  in the 8139s seems to be unreliable at times.
 >      This is true for most 10/100 Base-T implementations I've seen. 
 > None of them have been able to reliably auto-detect.  Any time I hear 
 > someone complain of network throughput problems, this is one of the 
 > first things I have them check.  However, this would not seem to be 
 > the case in this instance, unless 4.7 and 5.x are not handling 
 > auto-detect in the same way.

Phk made some large (and somewhat controversial, at the time) changes
to the mii support code in -current about 7 months ago.  

Before blaming the mii code, I'd feel better if we knew a hardcoded
connection worked better.


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