On Wed, 4 Dec 2002, Terry Lambert wrote:

> The GRUB stuff does not use GEOM, because GEOM is an abstraction
> that lives in FreeBSD only.  GRUB reads the data directly, itself.
> To do this, it has to have some knowledge of how to at least get
> at the code in the boot1/boot2 case (try booting one of the files
> in /boot instead of /kernel), and it needs to understand the FS
> layout for where the files are stored, and/or use a sector map.
> It will need to be updated for UFS2, when that becomes an issue.

It's not the booting that is a problem. That was working fine until I
had to wipe out the MBR when my disklabel was chomped last week.. It's
the grub command-line "shell"/installer that won't work now (admittedly I
have not updated my grub boot blocks in a while either, so it may be a
pre-GEOM issue). Would not accessing /dev/adX with open() or so go through

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