> Now that I'm having much better luck with -current, I haven't had
> the time to go back and look into arla.  Also, since that time
> there has been a fair amount of progress with openafs support for
> freebsd, and for my own purposes that would be an "easier sell" to
> my managers anyway.  [not that I have openafs working on -current
> either, but I do hope to get to that soon...]

I don't actually care about whether it's arla or openafs (we are
running openafs on linux boxes and it's running OK) but I need
to have AFS client (and even better a server) working. I've noticed
some rather sporadic mails on freebsd port openafs mailing list
but I felt like it's not under heavy development. BTW: how about
commiting openafs to the ports tree to have at least some common
place for patches that can be tested...

If I can help with getting one (or both) of these ported to -CURRENT
I'd be happy to do so (e.g. testing of current patches etc.)


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