This type of thing caused the division of the BSD projects in
the first place, and hurts the project over all and is the primary reason
that Linux has such a better market position then BSD.

I love FreeBSD.  I dunno why.  I just do.  I'm no expert, but it sits
right with me.  It is a shame that due to people's socialization problems
that such a great operating system is regulated to the backwaters of the
OS oceans.

I suggest some people realize that they have problems with dealing with
people--we are not computers in that certain inputs cannot guarantee
certain outputs--and perhaps seek therapy to improve their socialization

That and $1.10 might buy you a cup a coffee.


On Tue, 17 Dec 2002, Matthew Dillon wrote:

> :
> :Matt Dillon wrote:
> :> Thanks to my dear friend Warner Losh. I've decided to leave FreeBSD and
> :> flame in another project. Maybe I could join OpenBSD, the seem to share
> :> my views on how to deal with other people.
> :>
> :> I hereby give maintainership of all my code to Warner, or, whoever wants
> :> it, for that matter.
> :
> :Does anyone know why this person is trying to (poorly) impersonate MD?
>     Probably because I lambast him mercilessly for being such a whimp.  It's
>     kinda sad, actually.  He's probably not making any friends with the
>     people running the blind proxies he abuses to post, either.
>                                       -Matt
>                                       Matthew Dillon
>                                       <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
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