Today for the fun of it I decided to try installing RC1 on VMware
running in Win2K. (very bored today). Everything goes fine until the
ports installation. I choose all the default options, I have it running
in a 256mb of RAM 10gb virtual disk environment. Like I said up until
the ports installation everything goes as expected. Then when it gets to
unpacking the ports collection the rate goes down from about 1mb/sec for
the other packages and it's now still installing at 1.5kb/sec. This is
the first time I've tried installing RC1, I installed DP2 on a laptop
and it went smooth. Has anyone else experienced this or is this related
to running it in a VM environment. 

What seems odd to me is that CPU utilization for the VMware process is
at 99% constantly. I'm wondering what it's doing because it isn't
copying over ports very fast.


PS I know this isn't the way it's meant to be run, I'm just curious why
the rest would install fine until ports. (This is the second time I've

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