In message <03a701c2b38c$8e3ad990$471b3dd4@dual>, "Willem Jan Withagen" writes:
>Which seems a problem sticking up it's head once so often.
>I had it happen to me now 3 times over the last day. It just drops into the debugger.
>And I've foun little extra info in the archive.
>What dows this actually mean? Is something leaking in the kernel.
>IF so how do I help it go away.
>I'm copy 100G from a W2K system to my vinum file server with a 170G raid5.
>Current is as of 28 dec...

Please try to move up to current as of today.  On Dec 29th I commited
code to make the desiredvnodes a limit rather than a vague suggestion
and that should solve your problem I hope.

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