Hajimu UMEMOTO writes:

 > dwmalone>    2) The patches wouldn't compile on the alpha 'cos of some
 > dwmalone>    ifdefs in the linux emulation code. I just hadn't got around
 > dwmalone>    to resolving this.
 > Oops, thank you for pointing this out.  It seems that other than
 > linux_connect() are ifdef'ed by __alpha__.  Is it right?  Is there any
 > problem removing #ifdef __alpha__ and compiling the codes in on
 > FreeBSD/Alpha?

The ifdefs are there because the linux hack^W OS uses a different
syscall table on each platform, with a different ABI (eg, the same
syscall may take 3 args on x86 and 2 on alpha).   They basically never
cleaned up after bootstrapping themselves from OSF/1.

The #ifndef alpha code is not compiled because it will never be
referred to on the alpha..  The osf1 compat code is a much better
match for the linux networking syscalls, so that's what's used.  On
alpha, the linux compat module depends on the osf1 compat module..

Naively, I'm uncertain why you're having compilation problems on
alpha, since the code is just ifdef'ed out there anyway ;)


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