Julian Elischer writes:
> I don't know about the protection with a '_'.
> It's not standard and usually the name matches that used in the actual
> function.

When the prototype parameter name matches a local variable, the C compiler
(and lint) whine about clashes between names in local/global namespace.

2 ways to fix this are to "protect" the prototype argument names with the
"_", or to remove the argument name altogether.

proc.h has no clear guidance, in that recent commits don't stick to
the established style of the file. Some newish prototypes have a
mixture of named/unnamed args in the same function. While I was
making all prototypes' args named, I protected them.

I'd like to fix the warnings, and I'd like the file to be consistent
WRT argument naming.

> It's certainly not part of style(9) that I've ever noticed
> and it's generally noy done that way.. is there a move to do this on all
> the other files?

There is a move to fix lint(1) warnings.

Mark Murray
iumop ap!sdn w,I idlaH

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