> Hi,
> ports/mail/gensig has a problem. It is supposed to create a named pipe
> (~/.signature) and wait for an application to read from the pipe. It
> allows to have a random signature on every mail. On 4.x and on 5-current
> from last year it works as expected. But since the end of the last year
> or the begin of this year it doesn't anymore. gensig daemonizes itself
> fills the named pipe and then terminates. The content of the named pipe
> stays the same for every mail (no wonder, gensig is gone).

  I had the same problem with signify (which is not on ports). My fix
  for it was to force open() to open the file for both read and write
  (signify is a Perl script). I can send the patch if you need to see
  what I actually did.


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