Hi all,

I'm fighting with the same problem and found that grub *does* recognize 
the disks if started with '--read-only'...

That fits perfectly to the following paragraph found in the 5.0-RELEASE 

"The geom(4)-based disk partitioning code in the kernel will not allow 
an open partition to be overwritten. This usually prevents the use of 
disklabel -B to update the boot blocks on a disk because the a 
partition overlaps the space where the boot blocks are stored. A 
suggested workaround is to boot from an alternate disk, a CDROM, or a 
fixit floppy."

I can happily boot -current with grub - booting isn't the problem, 
installing it is the problem. And I installed grub from my 4.7-STABLE 
installation... (happy to have one :-)

Grub seems to open disks/slices r/w and refuses to know them if that's 
not possible. I, personally, would say that's a bug of grub but that 
doesn't help here. It even doesn't help, if you run 5.0/-current on 
your base disk because you can't write the MBR anyway.

My question to 'phk' is, if he (or anybody else) has or at least could 
imagine a solution for this problem.

Nothing against 'booteasy', it does the job - but it looks ugly :-)
And I can't imagine that the majority of FreeBSD-Users all have a bunch 
of disks in their systems - especially if I think of the giant sizes of 
HDs nowadays...
Ciao/BSD - Matthias

Matthias Schuendehuette <msch [at] snafu.de>, Berlin (Germany)
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