Chris BeHanna writes:
 > > > At 4:36 PM -0800 2003/02/13, Scott Long wrote:
 > > > >      - Fstress -
 >     SpecFS (NFS ops/sec benchmark)

Have you ever actually used SPECsfs97?  In addition to being
encumbered, SPECsfs97 is pain to keep running (dies at the drop of a
hat), and a nightmare to setup.

Fstress was designed as an easy-to-use, more generic replacement for
things like SPECsfs97.  Fstress development was motivated by one of
our best former grad students attempting to use SPECsfs97 to benchmark
the FS he did his thesis work on.  Rather than wasting his time fixing
SPECsfs97, he wrote his own from the ground up and got a paper out of


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