In arved.freebsd.current, you wrote:
> I updated my 5.0 system built in late January to RELENG_5_0 on Sunday
> and the Ethernet was not working. I tried again last night with no
> change in behavior.
> The system is an AMD K6-2 on an ASUS P5A mobo. I have a 3Com 3c905B
> Ethernet which had been working fine on a kernel built in late
> January.
> The dmesg is not too meaningful, but the system shows no errors. It
> simply never receives a packet. ARPs are all incomplete and no packets
> are transmitted although netstat -in indicates that they are. The
> packets never actually reach the wire, though.
> I can't believe that no one else has this card, but I didn't find
> anything in the archives on it.
> Any idea what needs to be rolled back and how far? I'm suspicious that
> it might be an mii problem. Maybe even an interrupt issue. I an
> suspicious of the second, empty xlphy0: line in the dmesg, but the
> reported MAC is right and my old kernel that works seems to generate a
> similar empty line.

Check out the Errata
There is an item for the xl0 driver, although your problem looks different then 


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