Does anyone have this working with GDM on -current? I've found that I can use the nvidia driver with Maxime's patch on a freshly built -current system as long as I don't use GDM. If I start up GDM, the system freezes as soon as the nvidia logo is replaced by the GDM login screen. In the end, it doesn't make any difference to me if I use GDM or XDM, but I would like to know if there is some existing problem with the accelerated nvidia driver and GDM or if my local X configuration is somehow broken. Thanks.


walt wrote:
Maxime Henrion wrote:

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Hi all,

Recent interface changes made the nVidia driver unbuildable on -CURRENT. The attached patch should make it work as it used to. Please let me know if it doesn't.

Yes! <Mmmmmwahhhh!> [Big kiss to Maxime] Thank you!

The only thing I needed to do to make it work was to delete this line
from nv-freebsd.h:

#error This driver does not support FreeBSD 5.0/-CURRENT!

As long as you are patching you may as well patch that one also, yes?

[patch snipped]

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