On Friday, 21 February 2003 at 10:00:46 +0200, Vallo Kallaste wrote:
> On Thu, Feb 20, 2003 at 02:28:45PM -0800, Darryl Okahata
> <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> Vallo Kallaste <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>>> I'll second Brad's statement about vinum and softupdates
>>> interactions. My last experiments with vinum were more than half a
>>> year ago, but I guess it still holds. BTW, the interactions showed
>>> up _only_ on R5 volumes. I had 6 disk (SCSI) R5 volume in Compaq
>>> Proliant 3000 and the system was very stable before I enabled
>>> softupdates.. and of course after I disabled softupdates. In between
>>> there were crashes and nasty problems with filesystem. Unfortunately
>>> it was production system and I hadn't chanche to play.
>>      Did you believe that the crashes were caused by enabling softupdates on
>> an R5 vinum volume, or were the crashes unrelated to vinum/softupdates?
>> I can see how crashes unrelated to vinum/softupdates might trash vinum
>> filesystems.
> The crashes and anomalies with filesystem residing on R5 volume were
> related to vinum(R5)/softupdates combo.

Well, at one point we suspected that.  But the cases I have seen were
based on a misassumption.  Do you have any concrete evidence that
points to that particular combination?

> The vinum R5 and system as a whole were stable without
> softupdates. Only one problem remained after disabling softupdates,
> while being online and user I/O going on, rebuilding of failed disk
> corrupt the R5 volume completely.

Yes, we've fixed a bug in that area.  It had nothing to do with soft
updates, though.

> Don't know is it fixed or not as I don't have necessary hardware at
> the moment. The only way around was to quiesce the volume before
> rebuilding, umount it, and wait until rebuild finished. I'll suggest
> extensive testing cycle for everyone who's going to work with vinum
> R5. Concat, striping and mirroring has been a breeze but not so with
> R5.

IIRC the rebuild bug bit any striped configuration.

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