On Thu, 27 Feb 2003, Bruce Cran wrote:

> On Wed, Feb 26, 2003 at 06:51:55PM -0800, Rhett Monteg Hollander wrote:
> I'm afraid you're wrong - the V2SI datatype and MMX functions automatically
> become available after -march=pentium2, while with other processor types
> you've got to explicitly add -mmmx. -msse is presumed with -march=pentium3
> and up.  It's far from absurd to use mmx for everyday applications - sure,
> only a few applications may take advantage of it, but I've seen code which
> runs 40x faster when compiled for athlon-xp than for i386, and I would guess
> that a lot of that is because of clever use of sse and mmx.   That wasn't
> an audio/video program, it was the libgmp arbitrary precision maths
> package.  Also, I'm sure
> most people wouldn't say no to 50% more processing speed for free!
> So, if you've got a pentium, k6 or pentiumpro which supports MMX, you _do_
> need to explicitly add -mmmx, but for other processors it's implied.
        This is fine and good, but make.conf appears to be hiding in 5.0
(or at least in the various installs/cvsups I've encountered to date).
What flags are accepted is a bit of a guessing game without a template in
/etc/defaults (yes, I could wade through man pages but with the rate of
change on release, those recommendations aren't a given either).


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