On Thu, Feb 27, 2003 at 08:40:22AM -0800, John Polstra wrote:
> FreeBSD violates POSIX in this respect.  

Doh!  I just looked at:
and it looks like OpenBSD does the same thing.

Just wondering, is the FreeBSD KSE project implementing a
POSIX compliant pthread_t?
> thread-related types:
>     pthread_attr_t
>     pthread_mutex_t
>     pthread_mutexattr_t
>     pthread_cond_t
>     pthread_condattr_t
>     pthread_once_t
> We got it right for pthread_key_t, though. :-)

Cool.  Sometimes standards are a pain in the neck, but my main interest
in FreeBSD's POSIX compliance for threads is to be more and more of a 
drop-in replacement for Linux. :)

So is OpenSSL stuff which requires id_function() broken on
FreeBSD then?

The C++-style work-around for my code is to do:

    return reinterpret_cast<unsigned long>(pthread_self());

which is similar to Lev Walkin's suggestion for a C style cast.

This gets things to compile, but seems like trying to fit a square
peg in a round hole....

Craig Rodrigues        

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