At 9:39 PM +0100 2/27/03, Michael Ranner wrote:
I have started to add UFS2 support to Robert Watsons scan_ffs(8)
port from OpenBSD.

This could be very useful!

Makefile, source and modified man pages are attached to this mail.
Give it a try and let me know your opinion.

Well, unless the code is magically encoded in the following block, I think you forgot to attach something...

GIT/CS/AT dx(-) s+:(++:) a- C++ UBLVS++++$ P++>+++$ L-(+)$ E---
W+++$ N+(++) o-- K- w--()$ O-(--) M@ V-(--) PS+>++ PE(-) Y+ PGP(-)
t+ 5+ X+++(++++) R* tv++ b+(++) DI++ D-(--) G- e h--(*) r++ y?

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