> I also modified the input handling so that it no longer uses the
> ng_ether_input_p hook. Now that FreeBSD 5.x has an ifp->if_input vector,
> it's not necessary to abuse this hook anymore. This avoids a collision
> with the ng_ether module, which is what was supposed to be using this
> hook in the first place.
What do you think, should this affect the VLAN problem, mentioned in my
previous mail? (.1q VLAN trunks do not work on fec interfaces)

> Let me know how this works.
I could ping my default gw.
Now I will try to dump a few TBs over the line and will report any

I will connect the machine to an other switch, maybe tomorrow to test
whether the VLAN trunking works or not.

Thanks a lot!

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