Martin Karlsson writes:
 > * John Baldwin <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [2003-03-25 18.41 -0500]:
 > [...snip...]
 > >  Similar to Drew's
 > > except that I patched alpha as well.  Similarly untested.  Apply
 > > with patch -p6 while in /sys.  Please let me know if it fixes the
 > > problem.
 > Sure, I'll try it.  And then?

Rebuild your linux module.

cd /sys/modules/linux
make depend

If you've never loaded linux (and won't crash because of the bug),
then load the new module:

kldload ./linux.ko
kldunload linux

Else just install the module and reboot

cp linux.ko /boot/kernel/
shutdown -r now
 > BTW, I've backed up my /usr/src dir, so I can apply the two
 > patches "one by one". Or should I apply them together? (Actually, I don't
 > mind testing all three options, but I'd like to hear what you have to
 > say about this.

Just apply John's patch.  Its cleaner & suitable for committing if it
works.   Mine was a quick hack while waiting for my dinner to
microwave itself..

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