Nate Lawson writes:
 > I was testing some changes to make fxp MPSAFE and got a LOR in allocating
 > the mbuf cluster and then finally a panic when trying to dereference the
 > cluster header.  Is the mbuf system MPSAFE?  Is it ok to call m_getcl
 > with a device lock held (but not Giant)?
 > The lock reversal was: 1. fxp softc lock, 2. Giant.
 > Traceback:
 > zalloc...
 > malloc()
 > mb_pop_cont()
 > mb_alloc()
 > m_getcl()
 > fxp_add_rfabuf()
 > fxp_intr_body()
 > fxp_intr() -- locks fxp softc

I thought that this had been fixed.  Which zalloc() exactly?

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