On Wed, 28 May 2003, Lars Eggert wrote:

> The machine (SMP) would sometimes freeze solid (no panic). I symlinked
> libc_r back to the original library, and from then on, starting
> gnomepanel and some other gnome pieces would fail due to errors about
> libthr. I couldn't find them in any log file right now, but I think I
> remember one was about getpwuid_r not being found. (The ports that
> caused problems were gnome 2.3 beta ports from the marcuscom CVS tree.)
>  From what I understand, libthr should be a drop-in replacement for
> libc_r, so I was surprised to see this, but maybe I misunderstood?

It's sort of a one-way street with libthr. It will drop in to replace
libc_r, but it is more complete. When you built gnome it detected
reentrant functions in libthr that are not present in libc_R, so you
cannot go backwards (ie, libc_r is NOT a drop-in replacement for libthr).

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