Thanks everyone who replied,

That clears some things for me.

Andrey Nepomnyaschih

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Andrey Nepomnyaschih wrote:
> Hello over there,
> Well playing with it nss_ldap in 5.1R. I have found that ls -la Will 
> not show the names of the owner if the owner resides in LDAP Directory

> only the corresponding uidNumbers. Is there a way to show the 
> usernames instead of uidNumbers?

For this to work, ls must be dynamically linked.  However, dynamic
linking of /bin and /sbin isn't fully supported right now. Gordon Tetlow
is working to get this fully supported for 5.2.

If you want this now, try the following:

First, partition your disk carefully.  In particular,
make sure that /usr/lib is part of the root partition.
(If you have a separate /usr partition, then the shared libraries can't
be accessed during the initial boot stages before /usr is mounted and
everything fails.)

Second, in /usr/src/bin, edit
to set
    cd /usr/src/bin && make && make install
to build your dynamic /bin.

Cross your fingers and reboot.  Do NOT do this on a system
with important data.  Trashing /bin will render your system completely

You can do the same with /sbin, though I strongly
recommend that you add
to the Makefile for /usr/src/sbin/init.  (IMO,
dynamically linking init is just begging for trouble.)

A number of people have done this, primarily for space reasons (a
dynamically-linked /bin and /sbin are much smaller) and it does work.
But, the need to repartition your disk is a bit of an obstacle.  ;-)
Gordon's work will make the special partitioning unnecessary, and
provide a single switch for selecting dynamic linking.

Warning: I haven't been brave enough to try this
myself, though I've heard reports from people who have. ;-) Good luck.

Tim Kientzle

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