> > The machine rebooted. No matter if I did "?" or any "ufs:xxYz". It's
> > behaviour was like "empty line".
> That's the normal behavour if the line can't be parsed.
> IIRC you can't correct typos on that line.
> Even if a line corrected with backspace looks good - it is not.

I'm very sure that I had a few attempts without any misstype because I tried
that some dozends and I was aware that I didn't use any backspace


> > booting the kernel with only boot0, no loader.
> >
> > Has this feature been intentionally removed?
> The loader sets variables that are required for the kernel to run
> such as reading device.hints.
> You can still compile the variables staticaly into the kernel and
> directly use boot2 (boot0 is the bootmanager).

Ahhh, of course there is a new device.hint. Ok. I'll try that some time.
(boot0 was wrong, I meant the stage taht usually loads the loader, like you
said boot0!)



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