Okay, so now I just figured out what the "ath" driver is. Sigh...

Of course, I find this out through searching for open source drivers for the Broadcom chipset as used in the Linksys WPC54G cardbus device, which I happen to have just bought.

I've already done quite a bit of Googling and searching through the archives, and I haven't found anything obviously relevant to the issue of drivers for the Broadcom chipset, at least not anything recent.

I did find a lot of old references to drivers for this chipset in the April timeframe, mostly having to do with people discovering that Linksys was shipping access points & routers using this chipset, using Linux for MIPS and BusyBox, but not providing the drivers themselves under their GPL obligations.

Can anyone provide some pointers or links that would bring me up-to-date on the current state of affairs on this subject, especially as it related to FreeBSD or *BSD in general?


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