Kris Kennaway writes:
 > On Thu, Jul 31, 2003 at 01:48:59AM -0700, Kris Kennaway wrote:
 > > I upgraded the alpha package machines tonight, and one of them fell
 > > over shortly after taking load, with the following:


 > Two more panics on alpha:
 > panic: vm_fault: fault on nofault entry, addr: fffffe0007fde000
 > Debugger() at Debugger+0x38
 > panic() at panic+0x168
 > vm_fault() at vm_fault+0x1360
 > trap() at trap+0x5c8
 > XentMM() at XentMM+0x2c
 > --- memory management fault (from ipl 0) ---
 > bcopy_samealign_lp() at bcopy_samealign_lp+0x8
 > copyout() at copyout+0x38
 > uiomove() at uiomove+0x19c
 > pipe_read() at pipe_read+0x290
 > dofileread() at dofileread+0x100
 > read() at read+0x64
 > syscall() at syscall+0x33c
 > XentSys() at XentSys+0x64
 > --- syscall (3, FreeBSD ELF64, read) ---
 > --- user mode ---

The crashdump might actually be useful here.  You'd have only the
trap() and vm_fault() frames, but at least you'd have information
about the state of the vm system.

I updated a UP alpha here at roughly the same time.  I was able to
do a buildworld with the new kernel from sources dated July 30, around
noon PDT.

Is this GENERIC or an otherwise SMP kernel?  Just for the heck of it,
edit GENERIC and get rid of the SMP option if its a UP box.  That's
what I always run and I'm curious if that might be your stability problem.

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