From: "Charlie Schluting" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> OMG.
> I did it (the 5.1 update), and it went flawlessly until the reboot.
> I read /usr/src/UPDATING! It said that the old rc system was going away,
> but it would keep all your old files.
> So anyways, does anyone have a link to info about how the heck I start
> stuff in 5.1?
> Most important:
> -my lo0 interface doesn't have the address.. it just comes up
> with no addy.
> -rc.conf didn't get run :( no named, no nothing :(
> -my firewall rules (rc.firewall) and sysctl.conf didn't seem to be read.
> Links, hints appreciated.
Do you have an /etc/rc.d directory and is it populated with files?

If not, then run run mergemaster to update your /etc.

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