On Thu, 2003-08-14 at 19:50, Nate Lawson wrote:
> This indicates that the problem was introduced in a kernel change between
> Aug 2 and Aug 9 and that acpi is not at fault.  Try searching the cvs-all
> archives between those dates (and perhaps narrowing the date more).

To help narrow the date:  I'm also seeing this problem on a Thinkpad
A22p with -current from ~7pm on Aug 8.  I just recently switched to
-current so did not realize this was a new issue, and was trying to
determine if I had a configuration error of some sort.

In addition, I had one weird instance where the clock did the opposite
and increased the speed by the same ratio.  I haven't been able to
reproduce this yet.  (Maybe starting the system in a lower CPU speed
setting and then stepping up would cause it.  I will test this.)

Let me know if you want me try anything or pass along configuration

Bob Fleck

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