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            Andrew Gallatin <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
: John Baldwin writes:
:  > 
:  > No, generic modules would always work with all kernels except for
:  > exceptional cases like PAE (unavoidable, really), and MUTEX_PROFILING
:  > (this is a debugging thing, so ISV's wouldn't need to ship modules
:  > with that turned on).  All this would add is the ability to build
:  > modules optimized for your current kernel.  If this is not super
:  > desired (which I wouldn't mind), then I think we should take the
:  > modules out of /boot/kernel and put them in /boot/modules or some such.
:  > I do want to get the metadata down to one copy somehow though.
: YES!  YES!  I'd be very much in favor of totally decoupling the
: modules from the kernel.
: In fact, once we've done that, we can move the kernel back to /kernel
: where it belongs, and /boot/modules can become /modules  ;)

That would be somewhat difficult.  It would make it a lot harder to
keep a 2 or 4 week old kernel around for testing since you couldn't
load current modules with an old kernel (generally, but sometimes it

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