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> I have a very similar configuration, but it sounds like I'm not bumping
> into the same problem.  Are you using NFSv2 or v3, and how many file
> systems are you mounting?  Are you generally using UFS1 or UFS2?  Right
> now, I'm mounting a single UFS2 file system was the root, and I believe
> right now we always mount NFS roots at NFSv2, which could by why I'm not
> seeing the same problem...

/dev/ad0s2e             /big         ufs rw                                    1 2
Andro-Beta:/big/mp3     /big/mp3     nfs rw,soft,intr,tcp -b,-w=32768,-r=32768 0 0
Andro-Beta:/big/pics    /big/pics    nfs rw,soft,intr,tcp -b,-w=32768,-r=32768 0 0
Andro-Beta:/big/Windows /big/Windows nfs rw,soft,intr,tcp -b,-w=32768,-r=32768 0 0

Andro-Beta is a 4.8 system.


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