I got interested in this recently because I inherited one of these
laptops from work.

On Wed, 30 Jul 2003, Cagle, John (ISS-Houston) wrote:

> Which version of the N610C BIOS are you using?  (F.14 is the latest on
> the hp.com website.)  I know that the _OSI("Windows 2001") bug will be
> fixed in the F.15 release, but I don't think the _GL_ portion of your
> patch will be included.  Did you have to remove the Acquire & Release
> of _GL_ in order to get xbat to work?  (This is not a problem we see
> with Linux ACPI in 2.4.21, so I think that FreeBSD's ACPI stack needs
> updating.)

I just updated to F.15, and it does indeed fix the windows bit in the
output of 'acpidump -d'. However, even with Tony's recommendation of
removing the acquire/release of _GL in methods C12C and C12D, I still
can't get xbatt or wmbattery to run, even with the very latest -current
(which has had at least one acpi stack upgrade since 7/30). When I run
either command, it locks the box tight. If I ever get a cursor back, I
have to Ctrl-Alt-Backspace to get out of X, since I can't actually type

I have a feeling that my acpi table didn't actually get overridden
though, due to the following from dmesg:

ACPI: DSDT was overridden.
        -0424: *** Error: UtAllocate: Could not allocate size 6e49202a
    ACPI-0428: *** Error: Could not allocate table memory for [/*
 ] length 6e49202a
    ACPI-0368: *** Error: Could not copy override ACPI table,

Also, the "before" and "after" acpidump's don't show anything different.
So, I'm curious if wmbatt is still working for Tony and Robert or not
with the latest -current.

The other problem I'm having is that doing 'sysctl -a', or just 'sysctl
hw.acpi' locks the system tight for a couple minutes, and never
completes. The last line that's printed to the screen is:

hw.acpi.thermal.tz1._ACx: -1 -1 -1 -1 -1 -1 -1 -1 -1 -1

Any ideas on that one?



> > > /boot/loader.conf is now
> > >
> > > hw.pci.allow_unsupported_io_range=1
> > > acpi_dsdt_load="YES"
> > > acpi_dsdt_name="/boot/acpi_dsdt.aml


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