This is just a friendly reminder e-mail that the BSD Conference is taking
place in San Mateo next week, and that if you're planning to attend and
haven't yet registered, you might want to.  Or, just turn up and register
at the door.

There's a really strong lineup of FreeBSD-related papers, especially
relating to new features in the 5-CURRENT development line. I've attached
a list of just some of the interesting things that will be going on there:
they include a number of tutorials relating to development and
administration, technical session presentations relating to the
development of FreeBSD, development of products using FreeBSD, and the
deployment of FreeBSD-based systems.  And, as always, there will be a
variety of invited talks, BoFs and work-in-progress sessions. 

USENIX has extended their early registration pricing, and also (I believe) 
has an online registration discount.  Multi-employee discounts are also
available for companies sending more than one employee.  You can find out
more about the location, schedule of events, etc, at:

I look forward to seeing you there!

Robert N M Watson             FreeBSD Core Team, TrustedBSD Projects
[EMAIL PROTECTED]      Network Associates Laboratories

  Several excellent tutorials including one on developing storage
    extensions using GEOM

  Keynote: Computing Fallacies (or, What Is the World Coming To?)

  Reasoning about SMP in FreeBSD

  devd-A Device Configuration Daemon

  ULE: A Modern Scheduler for FreeBSD

  An Automated Binary Security Update System for FreeBSD

  Building a High-performance Computing Cluster Using FreeBSD Cross-building NetBSD

  Invited Talk: Long Range 802.11 WANs

  BSD Status Reports

  GBDE-GEOM Based Disk Encryption

  Cryptographic Device Support for FreeBSD

  Enhancements to the Fast Filesystem to Support Multi-Terabyte Storage

  Invited Talk: Social and Technical Implications of Nonproprietary

  Running BSD Kernels as User Processes by Partial Emulation and Rewriting
    of Machine Instructions

  A Digital Preservation Network Appliance Based on OpenBSD

  Using FreeBSD to Render Realtime Localized Audio and Video

  Work in Progess Reports (WiPs)

  Tagging Data in the Network Stack: mbuf_tags

  Fast IPSec: A High-Performance IPsec Implementation

  The WHBA Project: Experiences "deeply embedding" NetBSD

  Invited Talk: Post-Digital Possibilities

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