I'm in the process of building our kernel with Intels C Compiler (icc).
So far we are able to build a working UP and SMP kernel (not completely
automated). Most of it works just fine (NFS-client is known to not

At the moment I discussing an issue with Intel regarding 0-sized arrays.
gcc seems to be violating the standard and produces code with an array
size of "0", whereas icc produces code where an 0-sized array has the
size "1". This results in different nm output of genassym.o:

gcc generated:
00000000 C BC32SELsign
00000050 C BC32SELw0
00000000 C BC32SELw1
00000000 C BC32SELw2
00000000 C BC32SELw3

icc generated:
00000001 C BC32SELsign
00000050 C BC32SELw0
00000001 C BC32SELw1
00000001 C BC32SELw2
00000001 C BC32SELw3

Thus the output of genassym.sh with a icc generated genassym.o is wrong:
#define BC32SEL -0x1000100010050
#define BI_ENDCOMMON    -0x100010001000c
#define BI_ESYMTAB      -0x1000100010044
#define BI_KERNELNAME   -0x1000100010004
#define BI_KERNEND      -0x1000100010048
#define BI_NFS_DISKLESS -0x1000100010008
#define BI_SIZE -0x1000100010030

With a gcc generated genassym.o it looks like:
#define BC32SEL 0x50
#define BI_ENDCOMMON    0xc
#define BI_ESYMTAB      0x44
#define BI_KERNELNAME   0x4
#define BI_KERNEND      0x48
#define BI_NFS_DISKLESS 0x8
#define BI_SIZE 0x30

At least the generated defines are used in locore.s, but is this the
only consumer of this "feature"? What I need to know is:
 - Do we really depend on 0-sized arrays in the code or is it just a
   genassym.sh issue?
 - If we depend on it: how hard would it be to rewrite it to not depend
   on 0-sized arrays (and does someone volunteer to rewrite it)? It
   would be nice if someone could point me to the source if it isn't
   an easy task, my contact @Intel is willing to convince the
   developers to change icc, but he has to "present a persuasive argument
   to development to pursue a solution".
 - If it is a genassym.sh issue: would someone with enough glue please
   provide me with a patch for genassym.sh which either uses a switch
   to understand the icc generated file or is able to detect it on it's
   own (I'm able to provide the output of nm and/or the object file)?
   Or at least describes what needs to be done, so I can try do do it
   myself after refreshing my awk knowledge?


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